Macmillan Safe & Sound

Working in partnership with Macmillan the ‘Macmillan Safe & Sound’ project recruits volunteers within the community to befriend people who have a diagnosis of cancer.
When you’re affected by cancer, having the right kind of support, at the right time, is essential. It can help you make informed choices about your treatment and care and take away some of the fear. That’s why the ‘Macmillan Safe & Sound’ project is committed to providing practical help to individuals living with a cancer associated condition.

Volunteers can support people who have a diagnosis of cancer to live a quality life in a number of ways. Sometimes, during illness, treatment or recovery, the smallest task can seem overwhelming.
Volunteers can do any or all of the following:


– be someone who will chat to the person about everyday things, share daily news and treat them as an individual, not just focusing on their condition
drive and/or accompany them to a doctors or hospital appointment

– befriending them during their doctors or hospital appointment

– help with odd jobs or DIY tasks that may become too much for them during the period of treatment, illness or recovery

– collect a prescription

– go shopping together, or do the shopping for them

Support and Self-Help Groups
In addition, volunteers can also help to set up/facilitate Self-Help Group meetings if they wish.
So now it is up to you … do you fancy making a difference right now?

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