Retail Volunteer

Barnardo’s Chesterfield Shop

We are looking for shop volunteers. There are various jobs you can get involved in. The application process is described below:

Here at Barnardo’s Chesterfield we accept volunteers from the age of 14 years, each volunteer is required to fill out an application form and to supply two references. Once we have this information we then arrange for a start date.  On the morning of the first day we then start training, we go through all the information that is required for the volunteers according to
Health & Safety Regulations

Safeguarding Code of Conduct
We then give the volunteer a tour of the facilities and a brief description on how each job is performed. Once this is all sorted and the volunteer understands all information and signed all appropriate paper work we then ask the volunteer which job they would like to start doing.

Either the manager/assistant manager/key holder or a long standing volunteer will then be given the task to give in detail of the job in question and to be a mentor as such for the new volunteer for the day.

We have facilities for volunteers to have lunch and a hot drink if required. A toilet is provided also. There is an area for people to smoke. We have parking facilities either around the rear of the building or at the front.
Our opening times are:
Monday – Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm
We gratefully appreciate any volunteer that comes in either for a few hours or all day, there is not a time limit on how many hours that need to be given.


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