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Shopping & Delivery Service

We offer a shopping and delivery service to anyone who is housebound, poorly or self-isolating. You can be either referred or self-referring. But please bear in mind this is an emergency service, carried out almost entirely by unpaid volunteers, and not a general grocery delivery such as the ones offered by Tesco.

Also, please be aware that most shops have limited stock and we can only obtain what is available.

How Does It Work?

A shopping list should be phoned through to us on 01246 276 777, ideally before 2.00pm. Once purchased, the shopping will be delivered OUTSIDE the client’s property, and funds to cover the costs should be left in an accessible place. If you’re using this method, we’d really appreciate it if you could round the payment up to the nearest pound; this avoids our need to disinfect any coins.

Alternatively, payment can be made through this website by debit or credit card, using the facility below or by calling us with your card details (these will not be stored by us in any way).

It is crucial that the groceries are paid for using either method ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY. We do not have the facility to allow deliveries to be paid for at a later date.

The shopping will be delivered as soon as possible after the order is received. This may not be the same day, as we are depending on the availability of volunteers. Any queries should be directed to the same number or 

How Do I Pay Online?

If you’d like to pay for someone’s shopping, or your own, you can do it right here. Just click the blue button below, and use any credit or debit card to make your payment. Don’t worry, we won’t see your card details.

Remember, you’ll also need to book your delivery on 01246 276 777 so we have your shopping list. If you encounter any difficulties just let us know.

In Short

  • Call 01246 276 777
  • Give the name and address of the person wanting the shopping
  • Give the list of shopping required
  • Arrange for cash in an envelope to be made accessible outside the premises
  • OR make a card payment once the shopping has been delivered via this page
  • OR by telephone on 01246 276 777 (this will involve giving your card details over the phone)
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