About the VOLIFE app.

But you might be wondering what the ‘VOLIFE APP’ is. Allow us to explain…

VOLIFE has been conceived and built by the Volunteer Centre – Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire. Our vision has been to design and develop a digital platform, accessible anywhere with an internet connection, and to enhance the volunteering process for the three principal groups involved:

  • Anyone seeking the ideal volunteering opportunity
  • Any organisation seeking volunteers to further their activities
  • Any volunteer centre ready to solve their complex needs with a simple but highly effective on-line system

This hub is so much more than the typical bulletin boards offered by more prosaic websites. Packed full of truly interactive tools and constantly updated information, it is a genuine asset to those who use it, making the process of volunteering, recruiting volunteers or operating a volunteer centre, smoother, more efficient and completely intuitive. We have been determined to introduce the latest technology to a fast-moving and very fluid sector, thereby removing the pain points and producing a far more efficient and pleasurable experience.

Now we are proud and excited  to have launched an app, making the entire VOLIFE service accessible on both Android and Apple phones and tablets. Completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Who Are We Helping And How?

Each of the three target groups specified above benefit enormously from VOLIFE. For seekers of rewarding and stimulating voluntary roles, there is a comprehensive, extensive and fully searchable listing system, giving them a greatly increased possibility of finding the most suitable and desirable opportunity. A quickly completed form has their vacancy with the volunteer centre in minutes. Once the details have been checked, the position appears on VOLIFE incredibly rapidly.

Meanwhile, the staff of the volunteer centre are permitted to use a portal (via a password) full of tools created to make their lives a whole lot easier. A directory of all the organisations registered with them is available with a single click and completely searchable. But it doesn’t end there. We’ve included a fully-functional, interactive office diary, visible to any registered member of staff, which will streamline the movements and availability of the whole team. Add to this control of the advertised vacancies and full tracking of advertisers, past and present, and you have a fully indispensable toolkit. In fact, it’s pretty much a ‘volunteer centre in your pocket’ as the entire platform will operate perfectly on smartphone, PC or tablet.


Best of all, anyone adopting the VOLIFE system will have a bespoke version built for them, including the functionality which will help them the most, but excluding any unneeded tools. All this will be provided via a one- off licence, which is surprisingly affordable. Backed by full technical support, you will be delighted to find no specialist knowledge is required to initiate and operate VOLIFE (we’ll take care of all the technical bits!) and once the specifications are established, your own volunteering hub can be up and running very quickly.

This is a mission to use digital technology to transform the volunteering journey for all involved, while making VOLIFE the standard hub for the entire sector, and a watchword for convenience, knowledge and success.

To find out more about VOLIFE, just contact us at The Volunteer Centre on:

01246 276 777 or info@chesterfieldvc.org.uk

VOLIFE.UK and the VOLIFE APP are available now.

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