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VSG Quality Accreditation
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The Chesterfield VSG (Volunteering Strategy Group) Quality Accreditation is designed to show that a Volunteer Involving Organisation meets the standard necessary to positively support volunteering in the community.  The accreditation, which will prove that an organisation has a commitment to volunteering, has been designed and developed by the VSG and is validated by the Health and Wellbeing Partnership.

Volunteering is an activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or someone (individuals or groups) other than, or in addition to close relatives. Central to this definition is the fact that volunteering must be a choice freely made by each individual.  This can include formal activity undertaken through public, private and voluntary organisations as well as informal community participation.

How is the Quality Accreditation Mark Promoting Volunteering in Chesterfield?
The Accreditation is awarded to organisations that can show how their volunteering programmes endeavour to overcome barriers to volunteering; it recognises the value of recruiting and retaining volunteers. The Accreditation is valid for 3 years, after which an organisation needs to be re-accredited.

Why should my organisation apply?
The Accreditation, recognised by the Health and Wellbeing Partnership, will show that an organisation manages a volunteering programme where volunteers receive a high quality, positive volunteering experience.  It can be used as evidence in funding bids as well as stimulating growth in your organisation.  It will also help volunteers to make informed choices about which organisation they should apply to.

The application process
To apply for the certificate please complete the application form here and request to be visited by an assessor who will be approved by the Volunteering Strategy Group.

At the assessment visit you will be asked to provide some documented proof and/or evidence for your accreditation.  The assessment of an organisation will reflect the different circumstances in which it operates including funding, annual turnover, staffing levels and numbers of volunteers.

Who will be the awarding body?
The Volunteering Strategy group will be the awarding body following the recommendation of the assessor.

The Chesterfield VSG Quality Mark has been developed by the Volunteering Strategy Group, a sub group of the Chesterfield Health & Wellbeing Partnership

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